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We're looking for trustees to join our board

Mandala Theatre Company has newly transitioned to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation with a board of trustees being responsible for making key strategic decisions. Mandala has also been selected to become an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation in 2023, with the board playing a key role in the development of the organisation. 

The board is looking for three new trustees who are aligned to the ethos of the charity, and would enjoy the opportunity to contribute their expertise to provide robust and dynamic governance which ensures we achieve our ambitions and remain financially solvent. 

We would like to enhance our board of trustees by appointing:

  • A legal professional such as a barrister or solicitor or an individual with other relevant professional legal experience.

  • A financial professional such as an accountant or finance manager or an individual with other relevant financial experience.

  • A chair who has experience of having had a key role on a board previously, time to give to the CIO, and the ability to be a strong advocate for the organisation.

To find out more about the role, and the organisation, please download the Trustee Recruitment Pack. To request the pack in another format, or for any other information, please email

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