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Mandala is dedicated to long-term creative arts training for young people embedded in Oxford in partnership with local NGOs and arts organisations. This is delivered through Mandala Courses which are open to all young people age 16-25 years and are 7- or 12-week courses at specific times throughout the year and through a Young Company. Mandala Young Company uses the model of a professional company to engage, train and develop high-quality performances for public audiences in Oxford and where possible to take them further afield. This enables many disadvantaged young people to have access for the first time to theatre and professional directors and actors.


Being an ambassador for the city of Oxford is hugely important to our work, particularly involvement with international cultural exchange. We have seen the changes these connections and integration bring about in young people, how it opens their minds to a greater understanding of diverse cultures, of their role in Europe and more widely as citizens and gives them the skills to reflect on and develop their own abilities.



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