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COVID-19 Update

Updated: Apr 9

We hope you are all safe and well and finding ways to accept and embrace what this time in lockdown is asking us to do. At this time, everyone’s health comes first. We miss connecting with you, rehearsing, performing to our audiences and being part of the national and international festivals, we were going to participate in this year.

But maybe this is a time to stop, to pause, for those of us who our not the heroic key workers keeping us all safe, it is a chance for all of us reflect, to connect in a different way and to look at the world, society, human interaction in a deeper way.

Our connection to you, the young people, the professional artists, partners, audiences and supporters is a gift and what makes Mandala what it is. We will always put you and your wellbeing and safety first.

Connection, Creativity and Stories are always central to what we do, so please join us on Facebook Live, where we are telling stories about why we do what we do, and you will hear the young people we work with share their stories. For those of you who are able to support us at this critical time please click on the link in the comments after our Facebook Lives.

We are sad that we are no longer rehearsing our new Mandala Young Company show for the Offbeat festival in Oxford and it is looking more likely that we cannot be part of the International Theatre Festival in Ramallah, Palestine this year. Our touring production of Pipeline due to begin in September is also likely to be delayed as venues and funders re-organise their schedules, but we will let you know as soon as we have tour dates re-confirmed.

As soon as lockdown is over, and we can once more connect and be together we will be running Mandala Training for 16 -25-year olds at City of Oxford College and offering leadership placements and auditions to join next year’s Mandala Young Company.

For now we are not in the office, but you can contact us at or follow updates on here or any of our social media platforms; TwitterFacebookInstagramYouTube.

Stay safe, stay well, stay connected.

Mandala Theatre Company 

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