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Enthusiastic response for Night Light’s first public appearance

Night Light, our first production, is shaping up. Our first rehearsed readings, to an invited audience at Oxford’s North Wall Theatre Oxford and at Old Rep Theatre Birmingham, attracted an enthusiastic response. Here are just a few of the comments we received:

  • Tremendous script, beautifully performed with authentic danger and emotion. Very believable relationships. I look forward to the finished play. Jenny Lewis, poet and playwright

  • It was absolutely spell-binding.  The way other times, past and future, and other places were naturally evoked in the present interactions of the protagonists was perfect. Heather Kay, writer, theatre reviewer

  • We thought the acting was brilliant and that the play had been sensitively written. Lizzy Bell, The Children’s Society, Birmingham

  • I thought it was very thought provoking, important and powerful. Audience member

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