Mandala is dedicated to long-term creative arts training for young people embedded in Oxford in partnership with local NGOs and arts organisations. This is delivered through Mandala Courses which are open to all young people age 16-25 years and are 7- or 12-week courses at specific times throughout the year and through a Young Company. Mandala Young Company uses the model of a professional company to engage, train and develop high-quality performances for public audiences in Oxford and where possible to take them further afield. This enables many disadvantaged young people to have access for the first time to theatre and professional directors and actors.


Being an ambassador for the city of Oxford is hugely important to our work, particularly involvement with international cultural exchange. We have seen the changes these connections and integration bring about in young people, how it opens their minds to a greater understanding of diverse cultures, of their role in Europe and more widely as citizens and gives them the skills to reflect on and develop their own abilities.


These courses will all be for young people age 16 to 25 years, especially those from BAME and White working-class backgrounds:


1) Youth Leadership Courses – 7 & 12-week courses enabling young people to be trained in
creative workshop facilitation and workshop planning with the aim of them becoming paid youth

2) Social Justice Theatre courses - 7 & 12-week courses where young people will learn how to create theatre for social justice, exploring the aims, process and stimulus in how to create a piece of theatre focused on social justice issues.

3) Acting Techniques for ‘Theatre of Being’ - 7 & 12-week courses taking young performers through a process that develops their acting techniques enabling them as actors to be authentic, embodied and ‘being’ rather than ‘acting’ a character.

We aim to start these courses with up to 60 young people from October 2020. This will be dependent on the Covid-19 situation, but we look to deliver workshops online too.


(Course dates will be announced in our Latest News please email if you are local and interested in joining)

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