Year One



September 2015- September 2016

Two young people have left the country they grew up in. They no longer have a relationship with their place of origin – and they’re not welcome in their country of refuge. Where do they belong?

Mandala explores, through drama and discussion, the circular conundrum of young people who migrate to the UK, on their own or with family, and for whom sanctuary no longer exists.

Sept 2015 – Feb 2016 research and development
Feb – April/May 2016 scriptwriting and auditioning
April – June 2016 rehearsals
July 2016 Performance: Rencontre, International Festival, Grenoble, France
Sept 2016 Performance: Birmingham and Oxford
Discussions and workshops
Sept-Oct 2016 Creative arts project, Oxford
Sept and October 2016 Autumn tour: includes performance, debates, creative workshops and sustainable arts projects. Birmingham, Oxford, London, Bury St. Edmunds, Medway (Kent)
 January and February 2017 Spring tour: Liverpool, Bradford, London, Derby

Project partners

  • Pegasus Theatre, Oxford
  • The Old Rep, Birmingham
  • The North Wall, Oxford
  • Refugee Resource, Oxford
  • The Children’s Society, Birmingham
  • The University of Oxford

Year Two.

Year Three.