Our work

Place, Identity and Belonging


  • New creative work
    Mandala’s three-year debut programme uses the live experience of young people, supported by academic research, to create exciting new plays in collaboration with high calibre playwrights, which will tour nationally and internationally with a professional cast.
  • Springboard for debate
    The plays will also be a catalyst for discussion and dynamic, interactive workshops within local communities.
  • Informing future policy
    The results of these debates will feed back into research and ultimately into government policy decisions on community cohesion and social justice.

Creative programme

In the first year of our three-year programme, Mandala collaborated with writer Nadia Davids, academic researchers and young asylum seekers to find and explore their stories.

Young people were involved in the script’s development through creative workshops, followed by rehearsed readings to invited audiences before Mandala’s first play, Night Light, was produced.

The company is currently working on its second year programme, Dis-Connected, with a new play commissioned from writer Atiha Sen Gupta, writer-in-residence at Stratford East and winner of the IAR Award for Best Playwright.

Year One: Outside In. More info.
Year Two: Dis-connected. More info.
Year Three: Postcode Poverty. More info.

Read our mission statement.


Working in partnership with Mandala, we intend to undertake a programme of research into the effect which watching live theatre has on participants, in particular in relation to the development of empathy, and other citizenship dispositions, and the development of prosocial behaviour.

Victoria Elliott, Associate Professor of English and Literacy Education, University of Oxford