Our partners



We are collaborating with academics from the University of Oxford’s research and development department:

  • Elaine Chase, Senior Research fellow, Department of Social Policy
  • Victoria Elliott, Professor of English and Literacy Education, Department of Education
  • Elleke Boehmer, Professor of World Literature, Faculty of English

All three are also on our Advisory Board.

Our work will feature in conferences and seminars focusing on policy development and social change. More info.


Local groups

We are working closely with local and national NGOs and community groups that are involved with asylum seekers and refugees. Our initial focus is in Oxford, where we are based. These are a few of the organisations with whom we are consulting:

  • Asylum Welcome
  • Refugee Resource
  • The Children’s Society

Schools and colleges

We are collaborating with schools and colleges, such as Cheney School, Oxford, which have students from many different backgrounds. We aim to expand our partnerships across the country.


The following theatres have given us tremendous support.

Our partners for our debut tour were:

  • Theatre in the Mill, Bradford
  • Tara Arts, London
  • Greenwich and Lewisham Young People’s Theatre (GLYPT), London
  • Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds


  • Refugee Resource, Oxford
  • The Children’s Society, Birmingham


We collaborate with exciting artists who are making their name in diversity-led drama. Our first writer-in-residence was Nadia Davids, who wrote Mandala’s debut production Night Light.

Our second writer-in-residence is Atiha Sen Gupta, who is currently working on a new play.


Our seven-strong Board of Trustees has wide experience across a range of disciplines, from academic to conflict resolution, as well as film-making and writing on asylum seekers, gender and education development.